Our breeding

This cattery is the reflection of our passion and all the love we give to our cats, who are fully-fledged members of our family. Come and discover our world.

High-quality cats bred with love


The munchkin comes in two versions: short hair and long hair. Having a clear preference for fur balls Very hairy (Our leading breed is not the Siberian for nothing!), we specialise in the long-haired version. We sometimes have little shorthaired kittens, but it's quite rare.

As the breed is very poorly represented in France, we went looking for our breeding stock in the 4 corners of the world: USA, Russia, Canada...

Our selection is very rigorous; our cattery is based on quality, not quantity. to bring you the most extraordinary munchkin cats and kittens!

All our breeding cats are FIV/FELV, PKDef and APR-rdac tested.

They benefit from top-quality food and a rich environment that contributes greatly to their well-being and health.

We have always been passionate about felineslove at first sight was instantaneous of the cat munchkin so unique with his little legs and his eternal kitten look.

Our cattery is family-run, which means that our cats and all our kittens live with us. They know the children, the dogs, the other cats and all the noises in the house. They live, sleep and play with us, becoming accustomed to a family life, which gives the kittens a very high level of socialisation.

Our cats also have access to an enclosed outdoor garden with a run, games and cat trees.

Life is tough at home!

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