Our cats

Our boys

Yuzu L'Envol Munchkins

Male munchkin standard longhair cream tabby and white.
Sublime cat with such a cute look. Yuzu is the very definition of cuteness!
Yuzu has a dream character, which he also passes on to his kittens, each one more of a glue pot than the next 💗

Pikachu des Mini de Galen

How can you not fall in love with our Pikachu? He's so sweet and affectionate! In fact, he's more of a dog than a cat and follows us around like a shadow. In fact, he's the only cat in the house that we sometimes take to the stables, so there's no risk of losing him! Pikachu is as beautiful inside as he is outside. He's a munchkin cat with a superb head, beautiful blue and white markings and magnificent eyes. Pikachu produces munchkin cats just as beautiful and friendly as he is.

Our darling girls

Chihiro The Flight Munchkin

Our azure-eyed wonder.

She's got a dream physique and such an incredible character. At home she's a real princess, begging for cuddles at every turn and purring like a tractor!

Her kittens can have her beautiful blue eyes and her incredible character.

Iberis Bushi Mononoke

Our little blue-eyed tricolour Russian wonder. It's impossible not to literally melt in front of such beauty!

Mononoke may seem a little reserved at first, but she's very good at letting us know when she wants a cuddle!

She's a wonderful mum who's very involved in bringing up her babies, so they're always perfectly balanced.

San L'Envol Munchkins

Our little love child, born at home, who we're obviously completely crazy about.

This highly original little beauty with its perfectly symmetrical head mark, as if drawn with a ruler, is brown tortie.

We can't wait to see its first babies, due in 2022.


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